About Us

Technology-based business solutions company
with a global presence for 45 years

ikusi networks mexico

Who we are?

Ikusi is a technology-based business solutions company with a global presence for 45 years, and in Latin America for 18 years. We are experts in Telecommunication Networks and Information Technologies (IT) through our Micronet brand, which today is Known in Latin America as Ikusi.

We are part of Velatia, a family, industrial, technological and global group. We aim to offer solutions that contribute to making the world a more connected, sustainable, intelligent, better communicated and more human place to live.

What do we offer?

Innovative solutions for network architectures, cloud platforms, collaboration, cybersecurity, internet of things, among others. Our objective is to provide our customers with necessary tools to lead their market.

What do we do?

We design, implement, and manage technological solutions and infrastructure for IT for different sectors, such as Service Providers, Enterprise and Public Sector. We apply our knowledge and experience in areas with specific requirements.

We act directly as strategic partners of our clients, offering closeness and commitment, and contributing to the evolution of their businesses.