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Actual Market Landscape of MDR - Managed Detection and Response.

Some MDR services take advantage of technologies on the host and network layers that generate and recollect security, contextual and event data that support both threat detection and incident investigation.

The new state of cybersecurity: protection inside and outside the company.

The number of people who work remotely, for business trips, meetings, through home office or as freelance, is constantly increasing. Working remotely means working away from the security processes and protocols of company’s core.

What does 2020 hold about Cybersecurity?

In terms of cybersecurity, 2019 was a very challenging year for all industries. Many corporations all over the world and especially in Mexico and Latin America, experienced cybersecurity issues and this circumstance pushes us to think about the areas of opportunity we need to work on effectively in order to avoid potential risks.

Evaluating solutions for bot management

Why are solutions for bot management so essential? Bad bots currently represent one of the most serious threats to companies. The traffic of malicious bots can reduce websites’ performance, link online inventory, compromise personal data and increase turnover/loss of customer returns.

Parameters for ransomware attack detection

The number of private users and companies affected by ransomware attacks has increased considerably over the recent years. The creation of new business models based on the “Internet of Things”, cloud services, e-banking, together with the anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions have caused the design of new attacks.

Industrial Cybersecurity and corporate information systems

Cybersecurity, information systems, as well as OT operational networks and companies’ corporate IT systems merge to connect several elements of production, as part of the fourth transformation or what is known as Industry 4.0.

Risk Management within Companies

Current and incoming challenges of cybersecurity require that companies prioritize, in an adequate manner, the accurate risk management in critical processes of business.

wasp: how does it protect critical infrastructure?

The path towards digital transformation of companies has put on the table new risk vectors which may “open the door” to different types of cyberattack, in case they are not properly protected.

Wasp, strategic cybersecurity

One year after the release to the market, threat protect has evolved and now has become a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, under a hybrid model, that provides security from the cloud to the end point.

Stuxnet. From the virtual world to the real world

Did you know that most of the dangerous attacks in the world begun, according some theories, because of a flash memory? Find out what happend with Stuxnet in the last post.

The nominal list of the INE available to cybercriminals

Jorge Mora, Presales Engineer Specialist in Security from Ikusi Latam, tells us how it was discovered that the list of people registered in the National Electoral Institute, INE, with confidential information...

Is DNS server not responding?

DNS not responding error may happen for several reasons. For example: when a website server stop working, because of a hardware or software failure in the server or due to a bad configuration gateway.

RSA Conference 2018: cybersecurity lessons

The RSA Conference took place from 16 to 20 April, 2018 in San Francisco California. Is one of the most important cybersecurity events in the world.

Breaking the 6 paradigms of Cybersecurity in Mexico (Last part)

In this last entry, we will talk about the last paradigms of cybersecurity in Mexico: security perimeters and individual responsibility.

The cybercrime threat scenario in 2017

A variety of cybersecurity threats are appearing and increasing considerably the percentage of digital attacks each year.

The 11 fellow football players that will help you win your own game of cybersecurity

No player, no matter how good he is, is autonomous enough to win a game alone. Each player has a specific role and the teamwork is what allows for really reaching the success.

Breaking the 6 paradigms of Cybersecurity in Mexico (second part)

In this entry, we will talk about the number 3 and 4 paradigms of cybersecurity in Mexico. We review the “invisible” aspects of security and how audit may not be enough to secure an IT environment.

Braking the 6 paradigms of cybersecurity in Mexico (Part one)

Breaking the 6 paradigms of cybersecurity in Mexico: we explain all you need to know about risks, data security and the future of your business.

Ransomware Wannacry, unprecedented cyber attack

Malware Ransomware Wannacry infected thousand of devices worldwide. It took control of computers and information: we are going to explain all you need to know about this malware type.

How can I protect my information from hackers?

To protect information and data from hackers is crucial for individuals and organizations. We provide some advices to do this in an effective way.