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Designing secure business networks from the beginning

As mobile devices continue to expand and redefine network’s edges, network security challenges continue to be the main concerns among IT and telecommunication

Technological solutions for a digital world

All the companies, organizations and industries must face the challenge of adapting to the digitalization in order to keep their levels of productivity in the market and survive in this constantly evolving and increasingly competitive economic environment.

Hyperscale data centers: a growing market

The hyperscale data center is by far in the lead of cloud infrastructure market, which is currently dominated by the United States which owns the 44% of the main enclaves of data centers in the cloud and Internet.

A new technological landscape: Data Center and Multi-cloud

Data center is no longer just a fixed location behind corporate firewalls as it was before. We have now a variety of global and multi-cloud services (public, private or hybrid infrastructure and services such as SaaS, PaaS or BPaaS)

Back-up as a service

Many companies in Latin America are already taking into account the cloud option for their service and/or product strategy...

DevOps as a service

DevOps are software development practices that emphasize communication, collaboration and integration between areas of development and information technology (IT)...

What is DevOps

Miguel de León, Cloud Solutions Architect at Ikusi Latam, Mexico, explains the meaning of this term that merge collaboration, communication and integration between technologies and different development areas...

Analytics to face the challenges of applications in the Data Center

Many companies nowadays depend on the good performance of their applications. Applications, in fact, have become essential tools for the companies to work and conduct their business, however...

Cloud solutions for resource optimization

Although Cloud solutions have been a well-known topic for several years, there are still companies that ignore the benefits that the implementation thereof may bring for the optimization of resources.

Benefits of using cloud collaboration tools

Some of the benefits of using cloud collaboration tools are: better productivity and even environmental protection. Know more about the communication technology solutions and how they can help your company.

What is the future of cloud services?

Future of cloud services implies centralization and a wider penetration in global markets. If you are considering to acquire some cloud platform, you need this information. ?.

Cloud security: as vital as physical security

Cloud cybersecurity has the same importance as physical security. Just as you don't allow unauthorized people to you installations, you should not allow cyber intruders to do so.

Digital transformation, the next step towards the success of your company

Digital transformation should be a priority for every company or organization. New technology adoption is crucial for its success.

Cloud as a tool for Digital Transformation

Cloud as tool for digital transformation is crucial for organizations. It allows to implement new and better communication, storage and cybersecurity platforms.

Ikusi Networks brings its virtualization solutions to Guadalajara

To bring virtualization solutions to current and potential customers, on February 9th we presented our specialized Data Center and Cloud portfolio in the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco.