Benefits of using cloud collaboration tools

Some of the benefits of using cloud collaboration tools are: better productivity and even environmental protection. Know more about the communication technology solutions and how they can help your company.

Benefits of using cloud collaboration tools

Productivity increase

Employees productivity rises 10% to 20%.

Better work conciliation

80% of employees keep a better balance between their personal life and work

Return of investment

Cloud collaboration tools bring a short and long term ROI.

Pollution decreases

Telework diminishes C02 emissions because of less transport use. Besides, avoids paper and ink use in office.

Better profitability

Space office needs and other expenses can be reduced 30% per year.

Better job satisfaction

25% of telework employees have less stress.

Future of organizations

It is known that not all jobs or positions in organizations can be adapted to be done remotely. However, there is a wide variety of benefits that the use of the tools of collaboration in the Cloud can be provided and should be exploited as much as possible.

Many barriers that have limited working from a distance are disappearing as technology and work tools evolve, making it easier for collaborators to achieve their goals from almost anywhere, but are we really aware of the benefits of this work model? Know about them in the following infographic

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