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How do sectors of the Economy work in the digital age?

Industry is constantly changing and the change is mostly due to customers’ increasing demand of access to applications and information, at any time, in any place, through any device, as well as to new players who are latent in the innovation technology and form part of the challenges that sectors of the economy are facing.

Adoption of Unified Communication models

Business communication in current workspaces requires the integration collaboration tools. In other words, business communication requires a Unified Communications solution that facilitates the access to conferences...

Collaboration tools as generators of creative process

Ernesto Gutiérrez explains how jobs have evolved over the years to the point that some job positions currently no longer depend on a specific location or working time...

Analytics on WiFi. How to use the context to offer better information

Every day I receive on my mobile device a considerable amount of commercial information, going from promotions to the launching of new products; my mind is already “programmed” to...

Unified Communications: On Premise vs. As a Service

Collaboration solutions are essential for organizations, and to understand them better, Hugo Vergara, Business Development Manager of Ikusi Latam, explains the differences between Unified Communications On Premiseand As a Service model.

Digital transformation services for companies

We offer digital transformation services for companies. Ikusi is in continuous development, which results in an update of ideal and innovative solutions for our clients.

What is UCaaS and what does it do?

Now more than ever, unified communications are moving to the cloud, but, is this a good time to move your company to a new consumption model of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)?

What is cloud collaboration?

Cloud Collaboration is a set of tools and digital platforms, meant to improve communication among members of an organization.

Evolution of the Cloud Collaboration Ecosystem

The evolution of the Cloud Collaboration Ecosystem allows organizations to decentralise the way they work. It is not necessary to share physical spaces to be connected any more, and this transforms the way organizations work.