paradigms of cybersecurity in mexico

Breaking the 6 paradigms of Cybersecurity in Mexico (Last part)

In this last entry, we will talk about the last paradigms of cybersecurity in Mexico: security perimeters and individual responsibility. Take a look to the last entries here.

Paradigm 5: security perimeters have evolved

Security perimeters need to be extended to avoid risks. Private data are now in your computer, cloud and mobile devices and need to be protected there.

Paradigm 6: we are all responsible

Cybersecurity is not only experts responsibility, but all organization members. Only this approach may prevent risks in digital transformation era.

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We share the third part of Breaking with the Six Paradigms of Cybersecurity in Mexico, where Jose Luis Ponce, Ikusi Security Services and Solutions Development Manager, explains the bad practices that make security of critical data of companies being at constant risk.

We recommend you watch the previous capsules so you know the six paradigms and identify which ones you can eradicate.