paradigms of cybersecurity in mexico

Breaking the 6 paradigms of Cybersecurity in Mexico (second part)

In this entry, we will talk about the number 3 and 4 paradigms of cybersecurity in Mexico. We review the “invisible” aspects of security and how audit may not be enough to secure an IT environment. Don't forget to read the other entries here.

Paradigm 3: it may be wrong even if it is not visible

Traditional IT environments usually do not allow full visibility of a network. So it becomes necessary to adopt better and new cybersecurity practices to eliminate this risk.

Paradigm 4: but I do fulfill my audit, so what's wrong?

To fulfill a security audit should not be a motive for letting your guard down. It is necessary to constantly identify all your business's security risks on time.

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Do you trust your current cybersecurity system? Did you fulfill your latest security audit? There are several chances for those filters to not be enough to protect your informatio

Watch the second part of Breaking the 6 paradigms of cybersecurity in Mexico, presented by engineer José Luis Ponce.