what is cloud collaboration

What is cloud collaboration?

Cloud Collaboration is a set of tools and digital platforms, meant to improve communication among members of an organization.

Behind all the business collaboration services where telephone, corporate IM, collaboration and video services are provided, there are a series of infrastructure and time dedicated by a work team in order to allow each employee to have the right tools for his/her work and to be more productive.

Revolution of Cloud Collaboration

I remember that during a global Collaboration event last year, an interesting fact about Google's Keynote was mentioned. The use of Voice Mail on phones has dropped by more than 60%. It's currently easier to stay in contact through text messages, shared notes, WhatsApp, or even corporate messengers services.

We have become so captive of communications that when a new user arrives and asks for collaboration tools and does not obtain them, he/she is not productive. Or when he/she demands a new functionality allowing to collaborate faster in order to improve his/her work and does not obtain the same, he/she does not perform well. And please, do not forget the high costs that these types of requirements may imply.

Physical vs Cloud

Let’s visualize the following situation of costs related to on-premise collaboration solutions and see if you identify with it: we initially invest into equipment that become fixed asset and, then, we bear the cost of licenses based on the number of users, without being sure that all of them will be used. Then if we add the annual maintenance expenses we have the indirect costs as personal, training, management tools. The above without forgetting the physical space, electricity supply, wiring, battery banks, among other things.

How can we solve the issues of costs and effective communication related to the Collaboration?

Through the Cloud Collaboration Services, Unified Communications As a Service (UCaaS) - since everything is located outside client's premises (the client will only have the data infrastructure and end-user telephone or video conferencing devices), the other collaboration applications are on client’s PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Agil and centralized collaboration

Cloud Collaboration services have the ability to be more agile, flexible, with a sale system based on demand, which allow organizations to provide their users with collaboration tools faster and based on market demand, which increases business productivity.

According to a Nemertes case study, these types of solutions radically reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 40% compared to an On-premise solution. And it is becoming a very attractive model to reduce costs and target spending more in Opex than Capex.

Iksui: IT innovators

Today more than ever, Ikusi Mexico is adopting these new business models for our clients, taking advantage of the value and benefits of Cloud solutions.

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Hugo Vergara
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