cloud as digital transformation tool

Cloud as a tool for Digital Transformation

Cloud as tool for digital transformation is crucial for organizations. It allows to implement new and better communication, storage and cybersecurity platforms.

Digital transformation

Society has been changing both its consumption habits and the way it is entertained, as well as the way it communicates. For this reason, this has let companies integrate several technologies which allow them to be more flexible and dynamic, both internally and externally.

One of these most booming technologies are Cloud systems, which have made businesses highly competitive in the way they solve problems, reach new markets and provide better services to their customers. This connectivity originated by the Cloud also implies a greater complexity due to the increased number of connected devices and requires intermediate elements, such as software.

Cloud services benefits

Through our experience and partnership with the best manufacturers in the industry, we have provided to our customers a wide range of benefits over the years. We are present in many of their networks and provide support not only for the optimal design for their type of business, but also in order to let their environment work properly and the communication be always continuous.

Cloud services, besides being functional, have proven to have high Cybersecurity standards, which allows their users not only to grow more efficiently, but also more securely. The more digital the business is, the more essential the Cybersecurity is. Considering that the means of access are becoming hybrid, we must take into account the integrity of the information transferred, since we cannot ignore the espionage and the tendency to extortion.

How can this be applied?

Through our Monitoring and Cybersecurity Center we preserve the integrity of the information which allows us to ensure the availability, integrity and accessibility of our customers’ business, with the ability to respond almost immediately to any threat.

These services not only speed up times or make processes efficient, but they may also allow the equipment to have longer life in an efficient way. What does this mean? That companies technology can be used for more years, with no need of big changes in the equipment they already have. This results in savings in their processes and adds more value to the software.

Cloud as a tool for digital transformation

What was previously based on physical infrastructure can now become 100% software and, thanks to this, we have been able to build solutions to integrate Private and Public Clouds which allows our clients to have an on-demand model and an agile, easy and secure way to operate their services besides offering them a single access point through a portal whereby they have control, self-service and access to different resources, as well as implementing pre-configured services.

Cloud solutions have arrived to help us so that we can use resources more intelligently and effectively which turns Cloud into a digital transformation tool that help to drive businesses to new ways of growing and developing products for the market.