cybersecurity challenges mexico

Most common cybersecurity challenges in Mexico

The most common cybersecurity challenges in Mexico are obstacles in the protection of organizations sensible data. Some of these obstacles are related to processes, and others make reference to political circumstances and society's habits.

Cybersecurity challenges in Mexico

Limited budget

Companies invest only 5% to 10% in cybersecurity. This budget needs to be bigger, because sensible data is at stake.


Highs costs of new technology adoption are bigger than expected: around 7,500 USD per specialist.

Obsolete equipment

Computer equipment obsolescence may represent a 25% to 35% loss of investment in a period of 3-4 years.

Operating in silos

Multidisciplinary teams are needed to face new network an IT environments.

Participation among members

It is required a bigger collaboration among by the industry members on a common scheme basis. This may diminish risks vectors.

Educative sectors challenges

Low or null interest of educative sector personnel represents a risk for data guard and safety.

Low cybersecurity culture in companies

There are many companies that don't know about information and data risks, or do not invest enough in their protection.

Ikusi: cybersecurity experts

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