digital transformation success

Digital transformation, the next step towards the success of your company

Digital transformation should be a priority for every company or organization. New technology adoption is crucial for its success.

A prevailing need

Many companies have got stuck on the way of their development due to the lack of innovation or vision towards new ways of approaching the market. For example, Blackberry and Nokia, in the mobile phones industry, stopped being functional for the consumer and thus moved from the top of sales rankings to almost disappearing as a brand. Another case is represented by Blockbuster, which had no vision towards video on demand and streaming market which led the same to bankruptcy.

Companies are looking for new supply chains and new markets in order to increase their revenues or remain in force, which is reached by knowing users’ behavior and the global context and, in this case, by knowing the importance of digital transformation and the tools to get to it.

Why is the digital transformation necessary to survive?

Cisco predicts that by 2018 half of world's population will be connected to the Internet, and this will require more services and infrastructure to support and make them available to the users. Furthermore, market studies predict that by 2020 80% of economic transactions will be performed without human interaction.

The above reveals a clear trend of digital transformation of many of the lines of business, which lead to a costs reduction and a delivery of services in a more agile way, which involve digital markets.

This transformation allows for the application of technology in order to develop new business models, processes and greater interaction with consumers, which results into higher revenues for companies, as well as greater profitability, competitive advantage and efficiency. At this regard, a case study is represented by Amazon which although originated from a completely digital model, has a higher sales volume than a traditional retail store.

What is digital transformation based on?

User Experience

Which allows the user for a faster and more efficient way of interacting through a device with the information of a product or a service, through a value experience by digital means. Mobility and security represent an important part of this experience which allows the user to have a high degree of reliability in order to buy the product.

Transformation of processes and businesses models

Which allows the organization to know what can be improved in order to be more efficient, by unifying expectations between the line of business and the areas of technology, which results in the construction of new business models, increase in the operational efficiency and business growth.

Innovation in the sales force

Currently work teams are multi-generational (generation X, Y, Z), and members require to be more connected and inspired for their job. These new generations are looking for companies that provide them with tools and culture that allow them to be more receptive and productive.

Ikusi: digital transformation for companies

Ikusi has strategic alliances in the ecosystem of technology partners, experience in the field of IT and involvement in the line of business of several sectors to be able to bring the three strands of digital transformation to your organization. In addition to complete them with services to help your company to be prepared for this change.