cloud collaboration ecosystem

Evolution of the Cloud Collaboration Ecosystem

The evolution of the Cloud Collaboration Ecosystem allows organizations to decentralise the way they work. It is not necessary to share physical spaces to be connected any more, and this transforms the way organizations work.

What is a Cloud Collaboration Ecosystem?

In abroad sense, a cloud collaboration ecosystem is a set of technological tools which allow companies and organizations to work in a digital environment. This ecosystem should allow to:

  • Share data.
  • Share files.
  • Share screens.
  • Real time communication.
  • To be used in mobile devices.

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Communication tools that meet the needs of companies for better performance, productivity and time management have evolved, and constraints have declined in recent years. The geographical spaces, time zone and the availability of the spaces are no longer a barrier. Ernesto Gutiérrez, Ikusi Collaboration expert explains the benefits of these tools and how Ikusi evolves with technology to accompany its customers.

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