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Ikusi: recognized commitment

As every year, Ikusi has been recognized by its strategic partners, leading manufacturers in the market, for the effort and commitment in each project. However, so far in the 2018, this recognition has been greater, since we have received awards that endorse us as a technological ally able to guide the companies on the road to digital transformation, in addition to having received a certification that represents a watershed in Latin America.

We are talking about the ISO 27018 certification on Cloud Security. Ikusi is the first company in the Latin American region to have been granted with it. Such certification is endorsed by the internationally recognized association AENOR and extends the scope of our services to cover also Cloud controls by using the processes and infrastructure of our Sites. We have already 5 ISO standards certification, including the one mentioned above, which helps us to position the portfolio of Cybersecurity, Collaboration and Cloud solutions as the highest quality solutions to overcome the technological challenges of companies that seek to establish in and join the digital age.

With these recognitions, Ikusi demonstrates and strengthens the culture of good practices in the organization and quality of the service.

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Somos una empresa de integración, ingeniería y desarrollo tecnológico para la transformación digital de las empresas. Desde hace 20 años nos hemos dado a la tarea de fortalecer a las organizaciones mexicanas a través de nuestra oferta de Redes de telecomunicaciones y TI, así como también en el ámbito de los Service Provider.

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