The transition to Unified Communications as a Service: overcoming the fear

The nominal list of the INE available to cybercriminals

Jorge Mora, Presales Engineer Specialist in Security from Ikusi Latam, tells us how it was discovered that the list of people registered in the National Electoral Institute, INE, with confidential information, it was in a Cloud service without any authentication system, that is, almost anyone could consult the data and then use it for malicious purposes.

This is the first installment of a videoblogs series where we expose the most important cyber incidents worldwide, which has endangered personal or organizational information, and that have changed Cybersecurity mechanisms.


Jorga Mora
Jorge Mora
Presales Engineer Security Specialist

I am fascinated by technology, heavy metal, cybersecurity, horror films, car racings, at and almost all sports. I realized to be destined for great things when I was fired from the computer lab at my university for being "experimenting".