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Customer success and technology adoption

Over recent years we have been adopting new consumption models, such as the SaaS (Software as a Service) that we use in an almost intuitive way and from which we are not getting all the benefit it is planned for. Most solution vendors focus directly on development and operation, but they do not help us know how to exploit them to the most for our work processes.

Technology adoption: the secret formula

Technology adoption is part of success. If we have a strategy of technology adoption then we change before customers and we add value unlike any other competitor; this can be done by engaging in a consistent, globally scalable process and it guarantees that customers receive the maximum lifetime value from existing solutions.

Rising value for customers

Pero revisemos que es el valor; el valor no lo definen los atributos del producto o servicio, sino la opinión de los clientes. Para ellos nuestro producto tiene valor, puesto que constituye una herramienta que les ayuda a conseguir resultados.

The role of the Customer Success Manager (CuSM) is very important in the light of the current digital transformation. First, he will help customers use solution’s features and demonstrate the benefits of their investment, leading to obtaining business results for those who purchased it. All this is achieved through an adoption plan that aims at a proper use of the solution and at helping users in their business processes.

Subsequently the CuSM will monitor and analyze such plan so that it results in a report on how the solution is helping the business goals outlined in the sale, also identifying areas for improvement in the organization.

We reach success along with our customers

Today, we need more than ever to understand the broad scenario consisting of industry, customers, competitors, products, services, unique position in the market and so on and it has to be someone who helps the customer to have sense of technological innovation in their vision, strategies, abilities, initiatives and results.

The CuSM is more customer-centric to help the customer to plan, implement, measure and successfully achieve the business results he wants.

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Hugo Vergara
Hugo Vergara
Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocios

Tengo más de 10 años en el mercado de las Telecomunicaciones; soy apasionado en mi trabajo y estoy en constante contacto con temas de innovación. Amante de la música oldies, fan de The Beatles y gustoso de las actividades gastronómicas y de horticultor.