The transition to Unified Communications as a Service: overcoming the fear

Today companies are trying to optimize operating costs and IT areas have such need too, in particular with regard to operating and maintenance costs of the unified communications platforms and telephony, which although for most organizations are not part of the critical services for their businesses, imply high costs that must be budgeted every year.

It is because of the above that the industry has been speaking for several years of something known in the literature as UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), which essentially means leading to the “Cloud” those services that traditionally have been within companies’ facilities. Just as the transition of critical and non-critical services to the Cloud has been quite successful (CRM, ERP, e-mail, file repository, etc.), unified communications are provided in this manner as well; however, there are still many companies that question it.

As part of the barriers we usually find in the organizations that stop such a step forward, we find safety, quality and reliability.

Just as our personal conversations, or the way many of us share confidential information, which are made through free tools installed on our mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), corporate communications are made through paid solutions from recognized suppliers available in the market, which provide high level of safety, reliability and quality. The above based on the market demand itself. In the light of the above, it is advisable for the companies that still do not dare to take such a step, to fully trust the solutions of manufacturers / suppliers, since their current level of development is a result of the work done in the past 4 or 5 years.

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