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What is UCaaS and what does it do?

Now more than ever, unified communications are moving to the cloud, but, is this a good time to move your company to a new consumption model of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)? The answer is yes, and I’m going to set forth hereinbelow the benefits that this new model brings. But let's first define what the UCaaS is.

What does UCaaS mean?

UCaaS is a consumption and delivery model in which a variety of communication and collaboration applications and services are outsourced to an external supplier and delivered through an IP network. Cloud's potential not only allows you to select the right application and the applications for your business, but also offers the ability to move your workloads from costly and resource-intensive capital investments to a model based on more fluid consumption based on the current needs and requirements.

UCaaS benefits?

Let's see the benefits that directly result to companies which decide to migrate to this consumption model:

Cost saving

Moving to the cloud the infrastructure and control of calls which are generally located in the premises, all costs decrease; starting from the capital investment for PBX / IP, to gateways, cards, licenses, software, hardware support, software updates. Everything related to the above in operation, for example, electricity, cooling systems, personnel, monitoring tools, operating costs, among other factors. These savings have a direct impact on the total cost of ownership or TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) which decreases in cloud solutions by an average of 30% compared to the TCO of solutions located in the premises.

Agility in provisioning

In the UCaaS model it is no longer required to invest so much time in the planning and logistics of installing a PBX / IP, nor in the establishment of a phone or collaboration network. We now have models or use cases very well divided by type of collaboration user, based on defined packages, which reduces the time of provisioning.

Employee's productivity

As a result of the agility in provisioning, companies’ IT staff will save time in the operation of collaborative network and employees will have collaboration tools to work more productively. Keeping up with the demands of internal and external clients is a huge step forward. It will be important to keep pace with new applications as well.


One of the biggest challenges is measuring the benefits of UCaaS at the time of establishing the ROI, any ROI of this consumption model must start from the TCO which is only a part of the calculation. The following have to be taken into consideration too: initial investment, implementation costs, training, and cost for operational license, which includes any monthly service, equipment maintenance and third-parties’ services.

A collaborative approach based on the cloud helps companies to accelerate business results and improves processes, as well as stimulates innovation.

Optimized collaboration simply leads to better performance.

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Hugo Vergara
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