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wasp: how does it protect critical infrastructure?

The path towards digital transformation of companies has put on the table new risk vectors which may “open the door” to different types of cyberattack, in case they are not properly protected.

Protecting the end user, including during Internet browsing and his/her email are one of the most important steps to continue transforming each company without putting at risk critical infrastructure of each organization or their clients’ ones.

wasp provides protection in a easy way through agents and with the support of our technology to evolve, such as Ikusi Once and ikusi Intelligence. Learn more about how each protection layer of this strategic cybersecurity solution is integrated.

How does it protect critical infrastructure?

  • Risk vectors to which a company is exposed:
  • Other variants 14%
  • Advanced Navigation Protection
  • It stops malware, prevents connections to attacking servers, exfiltration of data and execution of encryption carried out by ransomware.
  • It protects without affecting internet performance Protection of DNS flows and URL filtering from the cloud
  • Advanced Security in the e-mails
  • It has reputation and threat filter.
  • It protects against phishing, spooging, ransomware and spam, and graymail identification.
  • It reduces exposure to threats from the cloud
  • It has web interaction tracking
  • Prevention against Advanced Malware at the End Point

It has real time malware blocking, in addition to malware detection, detention, and deletion; continuous analysis of files within the extended network, advanced sandboxing, retrospective security and detection of vulnerable software.

  • Endpoint security through agents
  • Critical client infrastructure
  • Vulnerability scan

Global Threat Intelligence. It provides visibility of the area exposed to attacks, identifies vulnerabilities in the equipment and helps to have traceability of scan requirements, to prioritize efforts and keep governance and compliance with regulations.

It supports a wide variety of technologies

The world’s largest threat intelligence network

Vulnerability management for risk control in the IT infrastructure from the C-SOC Business experience portal to make a complete optimization of security systems.