Private Cloud

Security, fast and felxible

Based on the best infrastructure, storage, and virtualization technologies on the market. This allows the cloud implementation to be 100 percent automated and managed from a custom web portal.


Public Cloud

Drastic reductions in costs

Improve the availability, scalability, and flexibility of existing IT services of any company, achieving drastic reductions in costs, and adapting in a matter of minutes to business demand.


Hybrid Cloud

Infrastructure control

Facilitates the portability of workloads, services migration, and various types of usage. enables the creation of an open, highly secure and hybrid cloud environment, with access to the best public cloud services on the market, without losing control and orchestration of its infrastructure.


Cloud Service Solutions

Ikusi has developed a complete portfolio of Cloud Services and Solutions, aimed to provide our customers with different kinds of services for every business need. We help them reach the digital transformation.

We offer Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions which provide the ability to optimize current IT services, by improving infrastructure connectivity and security which turns into drastic cost reductions.

Hawk S

We provide an intelligent experience through our cloud management platform. Hawk S allows automated data collection and immediate cost analysis in cloud environments with operational and cost visibility for an easy area improving. It includes resource management and procurement.


Strategic Partners

microsoft azure
amazob web services


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