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Protect Security

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Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Ikusi has developed a model of advanced services that allows protecting and minimizing cyber risks which may affect the assets of a company. We cover the architecture in an integral manner, which allows our business partners to acquire the practices of our C-SOC based on an Ikusi Cybersecurity Operational Cycle.

In response to cybersecurity challenges in Mexico, we provide an assistance service plan that operates 24/7. This ensures that we cover the needs that arise in the organization in this area, always with the support of our security specialists remotely and / or on site.

By purchasing these services from Ikusi you will get the following benefits:

1   |  Operation Safety

2   |  Extension of security specialization

3   |  Visibility and control of possible risks

4   |  Management of operational costs

5   |  Access to the newest generation of technological resources


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