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Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Ikusi has developed a model of advanced Protect Security solutions that allow to protect and minimize the computer risks of the assets of an organization. This service covers the comprehensive security architecture, and allows our business partners to acquire the practices of our Cyber ​​Security Operation Center (C-SOC).

In response to the challenges of cybersecurity, Ikusi has developed a care scheme that operates 24 hours, 365 days a year. This ensures that we cover the needs that arise in the organization in this area, always with the support of our security specialists remotely and / or on site.

By contracting these services Ikusi is guaranteed to the client to obtain the following benefits:

1   |  Operation Safety

2   |  Extension of security specialization

3   |  Visibility and control of possible risks

4   |  Management of operational costs

5   |  Access to the newest generation of technological resources

dns temporal no responde

Is DNS server not responding?

DNS not responding error may happen for several reasons. For example: when a website server stop working, because of a hardware or software failure in the server or due to a bad configuration gateway.

RSA Conference 2018: cybersecurity lessons

RSA Conference 2018: cybersecurity lessons

The RSA Conference took place from 16 to 20 April, 2018 in San Francisco California. Is one of the most important cybersecurity events in the world.

Breaking the 6 paradigms of Cybersecurity in Mexico (Last part)

Breaking the 6 paradigms of Cybersecurity in Mexico (Last part)

In this last entry, we will talk about the last paradigms of cybersecurity in Mexico: security perimeters and individual responsibility.