hybrid cloud services

Hybrid Services and Solutions

The needs of each client are different and that is why we created this solution that facilitates the portability of workloads, services migration, and various types of usage, without compromising availability, security, and performance. In addition, it enables the creation of an open, highly secure and hybrid cloud environment, with access to the best public cloud services on the market, without losing control and orchestration of its infrastructure.

Ikusi has strategic partnerships that allow it to offer Hybrid Cloud Services and Solutions enabling the client to expand its data center under an on-demand infrastructure consumption plan.

Acquiring Ikusi's Hybrid Cloud services guarantees the following benefits for our clients:

1   |  Smart Operation

2  |  Centralized Administration

3  |  Cost control and optimization

4  |  Agility through IT automation

5  |  Highly secure environment

6  |  Control and orchestration of their services

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This solution is supported by the cloud management platform

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