Ikusi has developed a set of cloud solutions with the ability to maximize current IT services, improving connectivity and infrastructure security.

These solutions are adapted to the specific needs of each organization, since we count with private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. In addition, they are based on the best infrastructure, storage and virtualization technologies, and have access to the best public cloud services on the market.

As a complement, Ikusi created hawk, a cloud management platform that enhances these solutions by taking them to a level of total control and monitoring, so you can improve your decision-making.

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What will the cloud solutions help you with?

  • Security, agility and flexibility.
  • Decreasing operating costs.
  • Having control of your infrastructure.
  • Availability, scalability and flexibility of current IT services.
  • 100% automated storage and virtualization.
  • Access to hawk, cloud management platform.


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