Ikusi has developed an IoT solution to create an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) that uses the IOT-FND (Field Network Director) system as its centerpiece. It controls a radio frequency mesh network to monitor measurement systems through the IP network.

This smart metering solution offers control, provisioning, and security services to endpoints located in the network. To accomplish this, it uses specific servers and software applications to collect, store and process metering data.

Applying this IoT solution to meters ensures the reduction of electrical energy losses, besides, it optimizes tasks such as reading, fault detection, cut-off and reconnection.

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What will the smart metering solution help you with?

  • Reducing electrical energy, water or gas losses.
  • Optimizing reading tasks.
  • Detecting failures, shutdown and reconnection.
  • Managing security through digital certificates.
  • Having authentication, authorization and accounting services.
  • Managing network elements.
  • Managing databases.


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