SD-WAN is a software-defined enterprise networking solution that helps organizations deliver a better application usage experience, while providing high availability and performance for remote branch offices. It also increases resource utilization and simplifies the network.

Software-defined WAN replaces private MPLS access as it provides greater ability to support more demanding real-time applications such as VOIP, video conferencing, collaboration, and virtual desktops.

Ikusi is pioneer in the implementation of SD-WAN projects in Latin America. Don’t let your organization fall behind.

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What will the SD-WAN solution help you with?

  • Higher bandwidth at a lower cost.
  • Centralized management in remote networks.
  • Full visibility of the network.
  • More options when building your networks like connection type and provider selection.
  • Lower WAN OPEX and CAPEX.
  • Greater agility and responsiveness.
  • Support by our unified operations center.


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