OT security services
OT security services

soluciones en ciberseguridad inteligentes

Timely Risk Management

Ikusi provides a security service designed specifically for operating technology (OT) systems, which uses passive monitoring to provide safe and reliable recognition of devices, applications and protocols. We help organizations to understand their cyber OT exposure in order to protect operational performance in an accurate manner.

Our identification service provides support to IT and OT security teams to speed up plant’s operations, in addition to help to comply with rules, in order to improve security and strengthen asset protection.

Detección ininterrumpida de activos

Uninterrupted asset detection

Visión integral de riesgos

Comprehensive Risk Vision

Detección pasiva de vulnerabilidades

Passive vulnerability detection

Ágil exportación de datos

Agile data export

Gestión centralizada multi-sitio

Centralized multi-site management

By hiring Ikusi services, you will get the following benefits:

1   |  Timely risk management

2   |  Downtime reduction

3   |  Strengthening compliance with the regulatory and safety rules

4   |  Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


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