Ikusi México, S.A. de C.V. (“Ikusi México”, the “Company”, the “Organisation” or “We/Us”), company with registered office at Insurgentes Sur 1898 Piso 18, Col. Florida, Delegación Álvaro Obregón México D.F., C.P. 01030es is responsible for processing your personal data, for the use which is made of them and for protecting them.

This Notice provides important information for all the customers of the Organisation (the “customers” or “You”). This Notice sets out the way in which Ikusi México uses your personal data and on the rights that you hold with respect to them. Please take a few minutes to read this information.

What personal data do we obtain from you and how do we obtain them?

For the purposes stipulated in this Privacy Notice, Ikusi México will obtain the following personal data from the customers that use our website www.ikusi.com.mx (hereinafter “Website”), and from those who of their own accord make their data available to us at our offices:

  • Identification data: name(s) and surname(s), date of birth.
  • Contact details: cell phone and email.
  • Employment details: town/city in which you wish to apply, desired salary and profession.
  • Academic details: educational attainment, important qualifications and languages.
  • Computerized records relating to your activities and Internet behaviour: if you provide us with your data over our website, we will be able to obtain certain information relating to you as an Internet user through the use of technologies like cookies and web beacons. Through these technologies, this information comprises: browsing schedule, time spent browsing our website, sections consulted and web pages you visited before accessing our website.

Ikusi México gathers personal data from the applicants and/or employees when they visit our Website and when of their own accord they fill in our contact form and agree to receive information about our job vacancies and offers. In addition, we can obtain your data in person at our offices during the recruitment process and employment relationship, usually through the filling in of the corresponding form.

The Organisation will be able to obtain from the holders personal data that are regarded by the LFPDPPP (Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data) as personal financial data. These data will be gathered in order to comply with our contractual obligations with you, and they will be processed in accordance with the legislation in force.

Does Ikusi México gather sensitive personal details about applicants and/or employees?

Ikusi México does not proactively gather from you personal data that could be regarded as sensitive, like religion, state of health, sexual orientation, political opinions or similar details. We kindly ask you not to make details of this nature available to us. Even if Ikusi México does receive such details from you when you have provided them of your own accord (e.g. through an email), we will not use these details for any purpose whatsoever.

Why does Ikusi México use your personal data?

Ikusi México uses your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. For selection purposes; this includes the relevant analysis of your profile to be taken into consideration for employment, background and suitability including knowing about the specific abilities, aptitudes, difficulties and inabilities of each employee and/or applicant.
  2. To maintain the security of our personnel, facilities and Website.
  3. To properly manage the employment relationship that links you with our Organisation, including:
  4. To evaluate conflicts of interest and risks for the company as well as to monitor and implement policies.
  5. In connection with the data of third parties: for references, workplace emergencies and verification of employment background. When these data are made available to us, you need to ensure that the data pertaining to third parties are accurate and are full and up-to-date.
  6. To receive, attend to and handle any query, concern or contact request (including requests of the right to Access, Rectify, Cancel or Challenge) which the Owners may submit to the Personal Data Department (“DDP”) which will undertake to deal with them.

Signing up for our informative and advertising services is totally voluntary. We do not need to forward adverts to you to maintain or preserve the legal relationship that we might have with you at a specific moment; so, you will always have the initial option not to sign up for our advertising systems; likewise, you will have at any moment the possibility of opting to discontinue receiving our commercial messages, offers and advertising. For this you will only need to select the option to “cancel record” which will be included in each of the messages you receive.

Who do we share your personal data with?

Ikusi México may transfer the personal details of job applicants and/or employees to other companies or authorities for the purposes stipulated in this Privacy Notice. These transfers include the following:

  • The Organisation may forward all or part of the personnel data to suppliers of services who support us in one process or another. These suppliers include: (i) companies that undertake to send and manage competency reports; (ii) our tax and legal advisers, (iii) suppliers of database services or IT and digital platforms for managing records. These transfers may be of a national or international nature.
  • As the Organisation is part of an international group, your personal details may be passed on to other companies within our corporate group. So your data may be transferred to our associated companies, which are located outside Mexico. The associated companies of our Organisation have implemented measures and policies to protect personal data; these policies are consistent with ours and seek to comply with that provided for in the legislation of each country.
  • In other cases, whenever the law permits that the consent of the owner is not required.
  • Likewise, the Organisation may on occasions be part of a corporate transaction (including mergers, splits, sales of assets or shares, corporate restructuring, among other transactions). As the employees are usually one of the assets to be regarded as part of the transaction, the employees acknowledge and agree that the Organisation may communicate their personal details to third parties in the context of these transactions. Among these third parties are the potential purchasers of the assets and the advisers (legal, accounting or financial ones, among others) who are participating in the transactions. We will only communicate your personal details to third parties insofar as this communication is needed to evaluate or complete the transaction or when the transfer is necessary as a result of it (e.g. to facilitate the appropriate substitution of employers).

All the above transfers may be of a national or international nature; likewise, they are all necessary for maintaining or complying with the legal relationship with the employees and/or applicants and, therefore, your consent is not needed for carrying them out.

How do we use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies?

Our website makes use of Cookies. Cookies are small data files that are stored on the hard disc of your computer or electronic communication device that you use when you browse our website. These data files allow information to be exchanged on the status between our website and the browser you are using. The “status information” can reveal session identifiers, means of authentication or your preferences as a user, as well as any other piece of data stored by the browser with respect to the website.

Cookies allow us to monitor user behaviour on line. We use the information obtained by means of cookies to help us optimise the website configurations and thus improve your experience as a user (e.g. to identify which browser is being used). By means of cookies we can, for example, personalise our home page to your advantage so that our screens are deployed in the best way in accordance with your type of browser.

Like most websites, our servers record your IP address, the URL address from which you accessed our website, browser type, the date and time you carry out the activities. We use this information to manage the system and optimise your use of the website as well as to gather statistical data on how you were directed to our website.

Your browser will accept the cookies and will allow the information to be automatically gathered unless you change the predetermined configuration of the browser. Most web browsers allow you to manage your cookie preferences. You can adjust your browser so that it rejects or deletes cookies. The following links show how to adjust the configuration of the most frequently used browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

If the website cookies are disabled, our website may not load properly and, what is more, certain hyperlinks may not be enabled.

What are your rights?

You are entitled at any time to access and consult the information that we have about you: you are also entitled to request that this information be rectified or cancelled; to object to Ikusi México processing your data for specific purposes and/or, at any time, to withdraw the consent you may have given to us to process your personal data insofar as it is permitted by law. To exercise these rights or to raise any query or complaint in relation to the processing of your personal data, please get in touch with our Personal Data Department (“DDP”). Please forward your request to marketing2.

Your requests will be evaluated in the terms established in the legislation in force. Our DDP (Personal Data Department) will let you have (i) the information which is requested from you so that you can identify yourself, as well as the documents you will need to send together with your request; (ii) the deadlines by which you will receive a response to your request; (iii) how your request has to be submitted, including the forms that you can use to submit your request, if any, and; (iv) the mode or means we will use to send the information to you.

Security of your Personal Data.

Ikusi México has adopted security measures of a physical, organisational and technical type to protect your personal data against loss, or unauthorised use or access. We believe these measures are reasonable on the basis of the risk analysis we have conducted.

What options do you have to restrict the use or dissemination of your personal data that we carry out?

If you want us to restrict the way in which we spread or disseminate your personal data in any particular way, please contact us via the above-mentioned email address.

Amendments to the Privacy Notice.

Ikusi México reserves the right to amend or update its current Privacy Notice at any time. The amended notice will be published in visible places on our premises, and it will be forwarded to you via email if we have your address. Job applicants and/or employees can check that the Notice has been amended by virtue of the fact that we always include the date of the most recent amendment. Should Ikusi México make any substantial amendment to the way your personal details are processed, you will be informed through a memorandum sent to your email address. Any amendment made to our Privacy Notice shall come into effect the moment it is published. If you do not agree with the amendments, please get in touch with us.