Our labor efficiency monitoring service allows your organization to measure and analyze the employees’ work activities, regardless of whether they occur in the office or at home. This service helps managers and executives to have a report on work efficiency and projects progress.

This monitoring service assists organizations to collect detailed and objective information regarding processes efficiency and project goals fulfillment. Since the information is centralized, it will be possible to know the status of work teams, their workload and verify if they have the adequate resources to carry out their daily tasks.

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What will the labor efficiency monitoring service help you with?

  • Increasing efficiency by 20-25% at the organizational level.
  • Having a reliable visualization of daily operations.
  • Offering flexible shifts based on project fulfillment.
  • Enabling remote monitoring and reporting of collaborators working both at home and office.
  • Monitoring occupational health.
  • Monitoring office and remote work shifts based on the type of organization.


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