Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution deploys a virtual remote desktop from the Ikusi cloud, allowing interaction for technological resources consumption such as infrastructure, software, and digital workspaces, from where you can easily access published applications.

Since this solution is enabled from hawk, sole management platform, users can access desktops from any location using authentication and session protocols. These virtual desktops may run on a Windows or Linux environment, or if required, with a combination of operating systems according to the specific needs of users.

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What will the Desktop as a Service solution help you with?

  • On demand infrastructure payment.
  • Multi-platform and multi-device work environment availability.
  • Cloud computing resources optimization.
  • Control expenses and guarantee work environment at any time.
  • Infrastructure services and integrated virtual desktops.
  • Windows, Linux and application compatibility.
  • Centralized management from a single portal.
  • Enterprise cloud platform.


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