Unique cloud management platform

Hawk is a platform developed by Ikusi to manage public and private cloud environments from one place, creating a unique multicloud experience. This management platform is backed by the mix of technology and automation with certified experts.

The hawk platform helps organizations to manage and consume infrastructure and application resources efficiently with an on-demand model.

Ikusi created this platform for those organizations that seek to implement their transformation strategies and migrate their traditional environments to the cloud without losing visibility or control of their business.


Ikusi. Technological solutions.

Hawk’s special features

  • Dashboard. Provides an overview of managed virtual environments.
  • Provisioning. Conditions and enables computer, storage or network services for the end user.
  • Monitoring. Maintains continuous monitoring of the performance of hardware and software components.
  • Service Request. Management of tickets with requests for registrations, cancellations and changes.
  • Reports. It allows the generation of consumption, performance, metric and inventory reports.