cybersecurity threat protect

Cybersecurity Threat Protect

This advanced Threat Protect cybersecurity solution is specifically designed to reduce the risks of infection and propagation of malware threats as well as their associated versions within your network. It provides the necessary controls to protect the vectors from the most common exposure and attack in this kind of events and with the purpose of protecting the information assets that may be affected.

This solution protects DNS flows, URL filtering, email; all under cloud scheme. In addition, it provides security at user’s end point in addition to vulnerability management for risk control in the IT infrastructure.

This solution guarantees the following benefits for our clients:

1   |  Scalable protection to any network, system or technology

2   |  Reducing cyber threats

3   |  Continuous analysis of malicious codes

4   |  Advanced threat containment controls

5   |  Appropriate management of vulnerabilities

Ikusi Intelligence

This solution is supported by the services management platform

dns temporal no responde

Is DNS server not responding?

DNS not responding error may happen for several reasons. For example: when a website server stop working, because of a hardware or software failure in the server or due to a bad configuration gateway.

RSA Conference 2018: cybersecurity lessons

RSA Conference 2018: cybersecurity lessons

The RSA Conference took place from 16 to 20 April, 2018 in San Francisco California. Is one of the most important cybersecurity events in the world.

Breaking the 6 paradigms of Cybersecurity in Mexico (Last part)

Breaking the 6 paradigms of Cybersecurity in Mexico (Last part)

In this last entry, we will talk about the last paradigms of cybersecurity in Mexico: security perimeters and individual responsibility.