Smart Parrot

smart parrot

Unified Communications as a Service

With the purpose of acting as a tool for the digitalization of companies, Ikusi has developed Smart Parrot, a Unified Communications As a Service (UCaaS) solution, which delivers an on demand, unified communications model and cooperation applications in the Cloud, with tools ranging from telephony and business messaging, to presence technologies, online meetings and video calls.

Smart parrot creates an unlimited cooperation network, through intelligent and secure communication with a high availability, agile and flexible service.

Smart Parrot UCaaS Solution guarantees the following benefits to our clients:

1   |  Improvement in expenses of Opex vs Capex

2   |  Investment control

3   |  Reducing risks related to cooperation

4   |  Service Availability

5   |  Automatic update

6   |  Scalable, agile and flexible service growth

Ikusi Intelligence

This solution is supported by the services management platform

Digital transformation services for companies

Digital transformation services for companies

We offer digital transformation services for companies. Ikusi is in continuous development, which results in an update of ideal and innovative solutions for our clients.

What is UCaaS and what does it do?

What is UCaaS and what does it do?

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What is cloud collaboration?

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