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Cybersecurity wasp

wasp is an advanced cybersecurity solution created by Ikusi, which protects companies’ resources connected to the Internet from any geographical point. Thanks to its hybrid model, it protects the resources of laptops and desktops through a first line security layer at client's premises and another from the cloud.

This solution allows a timely vulnerability management, which identifies the level of exposure of the network to avoid risks in the handling of information. wasp appropriately prioritizes the mitigating actions that largely reduce the field of action of cybernetic threats on the critical infrastructure of organizations.

This solution gives the client the following benefits:

1   |  Identification of propagation point of malicious code

2   |  Integration with one of the most extensive threat intelligence networks in the world

3   |  Extension of functionalities

4   |  Continuous vulnerability management

5   |  Different layers of security control.


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